What size t-shirt will fit me?

This is a popular question...and as we all know, we're all shaped in our own lovely way - but we'll answer as accurately as possible.We'll state on the design, If we feel the t-shirt fits differently or If we've swapped the product for a specialist design.

Here's the size chart for the T's we use - 

SMALL - 34/36" MEDIUM - 38/40" LARGE - 42/44" XL - 46/48"

Can I buy a product as a gift?

Of course, just let us know any of the little details you want to add & we'll do our best to put these in place! i.e A hand-written message by Luke to accompany the order.

Will sold out designs, be re-printed?

We're just looking to make lasting, original designs, so I usually state when I launch the T-Shirt whether it will be a limited edition run or whether it will be an open classic to return for ever more...

Do you take returns?

We do indeed, you'll find return information under the 'Shipping & Returns' section in the footer of the homepage.

What payment methods do you accept?

We sell to customers all over the world, so we've done our best to let you pay in your own currency. With our current payment provider, we can now accept payments in 40 different currencies.

What happens if my order does not arrive?

If this unfortunately happens, e-mail sales@thebearhug.com with your order number & the name you ordered under. We'll endeavour to resolve any issues asap! 

What default currency are T-Shirts charged at?


Can I cancel my order?

You can, but you'll break our hearts in the process.

My items are damaged, what do I do?

Waggle your fist in anger, then get in touch with us via e-mail sales@thebearhug.com

Are your t-Shirts being sold in any physical shop/store fronts?

We've held off for 2 years now, as we wanted to build a strong platform with our customers. We're now looking to move the brand forward & start to get the designs in stores. For any info on wholesale, e-mail - luke@thebearhug.com

Can I track my order?

Recorded delivery is available upon checkout, we will get the tracking code to you within 48 hours of dispatch. 

What are the washing and caring instructions of the t-shirt?

Just don't iron the artwork, Its not a good look! Also, just wash with loving care...

How long will it take to receive my item?

For accurate delivery times to your specific country, get in touch. But here are the general processing& delivery times


UK 5-10 DAYS

Do you ship internationally?

We ship all over the world, If you're still unsure - email - sales@thebearhug.com - just to confirm.