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The clothes we sell wouldn’t mean anything without the people who buy them; we always like to see you enjoying your new BearHug gear. So welcome to our brand new feature; BearHugger of the month! Each month we are on the lookout for a new BearHugger to get to know you a bit more and thank you for being a loyal customer. The idea is that anyone is able to take part through Instagram or Twitter by posting a photo of themselves in their BearHug Clothing. To be in with a chance of appearing on our blog and social media all you have to do is snap a photo of you in our clothes and tag #thebearhugco, if you are picked you will also win a Tote Bag, Pack of Stickers, an A3 Print and two A5 Prints.

This month we have picked Hazel, owner of a number of TBH pieces. It isn’t just T-shirt’s she owns but prints too and from the Bear, Fox and Famous Faces series. We love her most recent photo of the Arnie Tee with matching facial expression! We caught up with Hazel to find out about what brought her to the brand and why she loves it.


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Where did you first come across THE BEARHUG CO?
Instagram! I saw a picture of one of your prints and had to check out the website. When I saw you did T-shirts I was hooked!  I first ordered a couple for my boyfriend for his birthday, the Kurt Cobain and Kevin Spacey designs (annnnnd a couple of tees fell into the shopping cart for me too of course).

What’s your favourite BEARHUG illustration?
IMPOSSIBLE! There are too many to have an outright fave but I do LOVE the Bear No.6 (and the recent Arnie).

Describe your style in three words:
Individual, fun, comfy! 

As we know Luke’s a big fan of Bears, what’s your favourite animal?
Woah where do I begin? I work in wildlife conservation so I love all kinds of animals from bears to monkeys, but as I’ve just finished my PhD on the evolution of parrots, I guess I should say parrots.

What’s next on your BEARHUG wish list?
Probably the Panda or Lionface T-shirts or who knows, whatever Luke brings out next!! 


If you want to be in with a chance of becoming our next BearHugger of the month, remember to include the #bearhugco in your post to catch our attention and cross your fingers!

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