The BearHug (Co) Ltd: New Collection

The BearHug (Co) has been running for four years now and the brand has grown from strength to strength. We are more than grateful for all the support received over the years; because of this we have undergone a relaunch and upgraded all of the products. If you follow us on our social media sites you will have seen that the team have all been very excited to show you the new garments. They have been cut to our own specification – with an even stronger premium finish, there have also been subtle changes to our website that I’m sure you will have seen.



There are new and old designs that Luke has been busy working on in the past few months; they include some classics like Bear No.12 and the Bear Skull. However we wanted to treat you to new illustrations that you may have seen on Instagram and Facebook. The popular Indian Wolf No.6, which has had many of you eyeing up, is making an appearance on Sweatshirts! The Panda print has also been made into a Limited Edition T-shirt for you to get your hands on. We felt it was the right time for a change and that you deserve an even stronger finish with new labels and swing tags. We strive to locate the best quality to use for the products, we use super soft cotton for our t-shirts and sweatshirts that then have our designs expertly discharge printed onto it.









As an independent brand it is important for us to make sure the products we sell are worth seeking out; this is something we believe the brand has achieved. As Luke’s designs are expanding and developing so is the company, he is renowned for his unique artwork and the brand is now recognised for it too. We are very proud of our new collection, as we are growing the products are evolving too. The new products will be arriving very soon, for now all of our previous designs are available online now. We’re also on social media if you want to get in touch or give us a mention!
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Leave us a comment below to let us know which classic designs you’d like to see return for the new collection!

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