BearHugger of The Month – Adrian

We’ve loved seeing you all in our new Collection & how much you’re all enjoying the new designs! The Indian Wolf which proved extremely popular as a print has finally made it’s way onto clothing, you can find it on two T-shirts, a Sweatshirt & a Hoodie, all of which have gone down a storm. With more artwork being created every week it’s important to look out on our social media to see what Famous Face or Animal will be introduced to the website next.

We’re now introducing you to Adrian who is our new BearHugger of the Month! Adrian has been a fan of the brand for a number of years and is not afraid to show it off. He now has an extensive wardrobe of BearHug Gear including 15 T-shirts, two sweatshirts & 10 prints! We had a chat with Adrian to find out about what brought him to the brand & what his next BearHug must have item is…

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Where did you first come across THE BEARHUG CO?
I believe I came across The BearHug Co while looking on Facebook, a few of my friends liked Luke Dixon’s page on there so it popped up on my news feed & I thought I’d check it out. As soon as I saw his work I instantly fell in love.

What’s your favourite BEARHUG illustration?
I have to say it is very hard to pick my favourite BearHug illustration as they are all amazing. I am a massive fan of the new Indian Wolf illustration but I think I would probably have to say the Wolf Walk, I really love the colours it makes it come alive.

Describe your style in three words:
I would say my style in 3 words would be; classic, retro & skater.

As we know Luke’s a big fan of Bears, what’s your favourite animal?
I think my favourite animal has to be my dog but that’s because I adore her.

What’s next on your BEARHUG wish list?
Well there are so many things on my wish list, I love the Tiger Face sweatshirt & after seeing the Fight Club Artwork I got very excited, it looks awesome so that’s definitely a future purchase . I am also tempted for the Jayface colour although I do already have the black and white Jayface, I’m gutted the Kanye t-shirt wasn’t released as I would definitely snap one of those up. Also if I had the money I would love to buy the Bear No.8 or even Steve Buscemi original art.


If you want to be in with a chance of becoming our next BearHugger of the month, all you have to do is snap a photo of you in our clothes and tag #thebearhugco, if you are picked you will WIN a Draw String Bag, Pack of Stickers, an A3 Print & two A5 Prints. remember to include #thebearhugco in your post to catch our attention and cross your fingers!

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