Black, white & grey T-shirts have been a staple of the BearHug clothing for many years but we like to add a bit of colour to each new collection. This time we have added Cardinal Red & Heather Blue with new designs appearing on each of these colours. With several designs featuring on each of these colours including Animals and Famous Faces, you’ll have a good selection to pick from.

The Bison and the Bird are making their first appearance on clothing, with the Bison on the Heather Blue and the Bird on Cardinal Red. We’re now known for our ever growing selection of Bears with Luke having recently created a Bear No.15, this you may have seen on our Social Media sites. The selection of animals has been growing in the past year with Foxie, Panda & the Indian Wolf all becoming members of the family. The Bird & Bison are brand new animals that Luke has created to add to this ever growing family, with the help from you there are a number of new animals that may find there way to joining us in the near future. For now have a closer look at these new designs and the new features we have.image (1)

image (6)

image (2)

image (4)



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