January 2016



OK, So I get asked daily If I’m able to design a tattoo for someone. Offf course I can, there’s just a few factors to factor in first… Each project will be treated as an original artwork commission, so let your tattooist know I might get carried away. As I tend to work on a larger scale, these pieces can take some man hours…so I may need to invoice you for more than the initial £20 some peeps offer. I appreciate you still have to pay to get it inked... Read More


Famous Faces – Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant, LEO BEAR Pre Order

LEO LEO LEO…It has to be Oscar time? Right? The Revenant was understated, visually amazing & confirmed that he’s top dog. Luke knew he had to draw this when the certain scene happened…but if you haven’t seen this said scene – then it’s just Leonardo DiCaprio with a bear on his head…still worth it! We don’t want to give too much away as it’s a film you need to see to fully enjoy but here’s a brief intro to it to get you excited. It follows the legend of American frontiersman and... Read More