OK, So I get asked daily If I’m able to design a tattoo for someone. Offf course I can, there’s just a few factors to factor in first…

  • Each project will be treated as an original artwork commission, so let your tattooist know I might get carried away.
  • As I tend to work on a larger scale, these pieces can take some man hours…so I may need to invoice you for more than the initial £20 some peeps offer.
  • I appreciate you still have to pay to get it inked up – but at the end of it you’ll have the original signed artwork or finished signed print, certificate of authenticity & usage rights.
  • Make sure you have an idea of what your looking for & I’ll do my best to bring some ideas to the table.
  • I tend to only have to take a handful of personal commissions per year, so sometimes there can be a decent wait.
  • We take 50% deposit & the rest when finished up.

With the growth of the BEARHUG over the past few years, It, at times has been difficult to keep the personal commissions on course – I may have definitely overloaded the workload. In 2016 we have a better structure in place & are looking to take-on some very cool projects, I’m thinking an Elk on the back of a bear…while fighting Darth Vader? See, that’s what I can bring to the mix. Theres more like that, but I have to save some idea’s for myself.

BEER-TATTOOUsual Pricing –

A3 Original – One subject – Tattoo Usage £350-600 (All dependant on detail)

A2 Original – One subject – Tattoo Usage – £500-1000 (All dependant on detail)

If you’re interested in getting involved, email info@thebearhug.com or use the contact section above – just state the idea, timescale & budget.

All the best gang!



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