Sample SALE – All the details you need to know!

Our sample Sale is on! We have had a few questions recently asking what designs are available, how do I pick a design etc and we want to give you as much information as possible. With the nature of our clothing everything is Limited Edition and some designs may not return. All the current designs we have on the website are available in the Sample Sale except for the LeoBear. To make it suuuper easy for you all we have put the exact process and what designs are available below…


  • Search Sample Sale  on our website and you will be taken straight to the product page
  • Place your order through for either the T-shirt or Sweatshirt/Hoodie
  • Reply to your email confirmation with your top 5 choices – we ask for 5 as we sometimes may not have the size available in your 1st or 2nd choice
  • As long as we have your size available you will receive one of your choices
  • If you do not email with your preferences a random design will be sent in your requested size


If you want to know the colour each design is on then please look on our website under the T-shirt and Sweatshirt/Hoodie section.

Bears – 4 Bears totem, Simple Bear, Ropebear, Bear no.4, Bear No6, Bear No.8, Bear No.12, Bear No.16, Bear No.17, Bear No.18, Bear No.19, Bear No.20, Bear No.21, Bear No.23
Animals –Wolf Snarl,  Staghead, Eagle, Tigerface Two, Tigerface Three, Wolf No.8, Wolf Stroll, Jag, Indian Wolf Grey & Black, Bison, Bird, Big Cat, Bear Skull, Skull Cub, Wolffface, Wolfwalk White & Grey, Wolfffhead
Famous Faces – Chewie,  Rick, Ghostbusters, Fresh Prince, Queenie,  Gandalf, Panda, Bill Murray, Forrest Gump, Marty Mcfly, Rocky Balboa, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Foxy Garth, Walter White
Logos – Bear Monogram,  The BearHug Co Logo

Bears – Bear No.17, Bear No.18. Animals – Tigerface Two, Tigerface Three, Wolf No.8, Indian Wolf Black & Grey, Lionface. Logos – TBHCO logo, Pattern Monogram

Bears – Bear No.21, Rope Bear, Bear No.12. Animals – Indian Wolf Black & Olive, Bison, Wolfff. Famous Faces – Gandalf. Logos – Pattern Monogram, Bear Circle Logo


Photo 22-01-2016, 14 27 58

Photo 22-12-2015, 16 41 26

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