September 2016


What we are up to this weekend: The Magnificent Seven

If you are yet to make plans this weekend join us in going to see The Magnificent Seven. The Western-themed Hollywood blockbuster features household names such as Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke who play three of seven gunmen who come together to fight against savage thieves. Set in the town of Rose Peak, ‘The Magnificent Seven’ prepare for a violent showdown with industrialist Bartholomew Bogue, the town’s deadly dictator. It doesn’t look to be for the faint hearted featuring plenty of Western traditions like gore, guns and grit. However,... Read More


What draws you in?

If you’re a long term Bearhugger (aka follower of The BEARHUG Co) you’ll be in the know, but for those who are newbies * hi there* the brains behind all of the awesome BEARHUG art work is Luke Dixon. With a huge following Luke’s illustrations are eye catching and instantly recognisable, giving the brand an iconic look and gaining you ever so loyal customers. Lukes designs have stemmed from the iconic bear artwork to angry lions, space tigers and pop culture; using a combination of techniques such as lino prints... Read More



OUR NEW MUST HAVE SWEATSHIRT IT’S TAKEN A WHILE, BUT THE NEW SWEATSHIRTS ARE FINALLY HERE. Thanks to the lovely English weather we’ve seen a surge in demand for BEARHUG sweatshirts, so to keep the Bear-huggers happy we’ve just added a range of casual pull overs to this months offering! We’ve taken some of your fave tees, a mix of classic and new designs and re-worked them onto cotton blend sweatshirts, think Chewie illustrations, iconic BEARHUG logos and printed backs. PRE-ORDER FOR ONLY £34.95 + FREE BEANIE (WORTH £12.95) DISPATCH 3/10/16 – BEANIE... Read More



HAVE YOU HEARD? We’ve re-launched the website! To celebrate the re-launch of our new responsive website – we’ve decided to offer 20% off everything. Don’t miss out by using the code: BEAR20. This week the has undergone a complete overhaul, it looks cleaner, cooler and better than ever (not too blow our own trumpet, but it does). Complete with new imagery, a wish list option to add all your favourite designs too, specific search options, an updated blog and a quicker order process what’s not to love. In combination with the... Read More