Whats the word? Ahh yes, satisfaction!

Whats the word? Ahh yes, satisfaction!

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a delivery of new designs! Seeing the artwork produced first had, watching Luke work on it, develop it and send it to our factories to turn into clothing, to then have the finished pieces delivered to the HQ door, ahhh!

I’m sure you guys agree, the postman comes knocking and you cant wait to tear the box open to your order, well we’re exactly the same; ripping off that parcel tape and seeing the finished product in hand, knowing you guys have pre-ordered and are waiting, confirming to us that when you receive your tee you’ll love it! You’d think being surrounded by The BEARHUG Co prints and tee’s the excitement would wear of, but how can it when the designs are limited edition and everyone in the office eagerly waits to see what Luke’s next illustration is.

Creativity is what keeps the design office buzzing, so we thought we would throw together this artwork to tee blog, so you too can marvel at the beginning to end too.


– Scruffy Bear – Bear Series – Natural T-Shirt £22.95


– Mon-King – Charcoal Grey T-Shirt £22.95
– Mountain Lion – Lion print – Heather Grey T-Shirt £22.95

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