BEARHUG Product of the Week – Ragnarrr is here!


A Ragnar Lothbrok design has been in the BEARHUG pipeline for a verrrry long while now so what a better way to kick off 2017?

And obviously this has to be our BEARHUG ‘Product of the Week’, being our first new design of the year and all.

So many amazingly ‘drawable’ characters on History’s Vikings, however obviously Luke had to start with the legendary Ragnar, one of history’s most notable medieval protagonists.

While enduring the long wait for Vikings season 5 you can pre-order a Ragnar grey or black tee alongside a limited edition stamped and signed A3 print. Fingers crossed it will make the wait just a tiny bit easier.

The artwork process certainly was a complex one, I mean that beard took an absolute age, but so worth it!

Limited Edition T-Shirt + A3 Print – each order numbered – £39.95.

Pre-order & product details here.



Let us know below if you think Luke should draw any other Vikings characters:

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