Top 10 Louis Theroux Moments




To celebrate the release of our brand new Louis Theroux t-shirt – available in black or white for only £23.95 + free U.K P+P – we’re looking back at the funniest moments involving the legend himself.



Louis knows exactly what a crying man need in a time of sorrow.

 MC Theroux is very respectful to the ladies.

The time Louis stated the obvious.

The patented “Theroux Stare of Death”… or should that be the “Thorax Stare of Death”?

Dr Theroux getting down with the treatments on the streets.

Theroux lines don’t get any more classic than this absolute gem.

MC Theroux spitting ‘dem fire, yet very respectful, lines.

The time Louis showed what he really thought about people who support The Gunners.

That other time Louis stated the obvious.

And finally, a question with an obvious answer – yes you are, Louis. Your awkward charm, ability to be unintentionally hilarious, and fascinating documentary film making skills will always please us.

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