Baby Babay Deer – Quickie Drawing process…with commentary

Rather than just throw up a quickie process video, I thought I’d say something…let’s just say it’s a snippet for future plans for more engagement into what I & the BEARHUG team do.

I get asked daily about my drawing process, the types of pens I use & what my ‘technique’ I use – which is cool, because It means people care somewhat orrrr they feel like ‘bomf, now I know what magic Harry Potter pens he uses & I will now defeat him’…

Sooo I may have filled some chatting time with a few ‘byes’….polite at least. We’re looking to do more, away from the procreate ipad ting & focus on my true love pen & paper. Let me know If you have any future video suggestions? Do you use Procreate?

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