Netflix’s MOST Binge-Worthy Series

When it comes to a binge-worthy series, Netflix really knows how to treat us. From sitcoms to drama to action; there’s something for everyone to obsess over. And let’s be honest, at some point we’ve all told the same lie to ourselves: ‘Just one more episode before I go to sleep’… 

So to help you pick your next Netflix obsession, here’s a guide to our favourite binge-worthy series to keep you awake till the early hours of the morning. 

The Umbrella Academy

Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Comedy
Our Rating: 4/5

The Umbrella Academy follows the extraordinary, yet slightly dysfunctional, family of seven individuals with the power to save the world…or end it? When they’re not fighting bank robbers, the group are dealing with everyday struggles: an extremely cold-hearted father (oh who’s just been killed), sibling rivalry and the odd assassin from the future turning up on their front door. 
This series has a little bit of everything to have you hooked from episode one: mystery, action, comedy, sci-fi, a killer soundtrack and a talking monkey. What more could we ask for? A second series, fans will be happy to know Season 2 has FINALLY come to Netflix this month.

White Lines

Genre: British / Drama / Action
Our Rating: 3/5

After a body is discovered, quiet librarian, Zoe, says good-bye to her sheltered life in Manchester to uncover the truth of what happened to her older brother when he mysteriously disappeared on the party island, Ibiza. As more secrets are revealed, Zoe questions whether she even knew her brother and whether she even knows herself. As tensions and emotions rise on the party island, Zoe’s husband and daughter await her return…if she’ll return
Warning: a sudden urge to run away to Ibiza and leave everything behind will most definitely occur after watching this series. 


Genre: Thriller / Psychological
Our Rating: 5/5

Netflix’s original series, YOU, follows incredibly charming and smart, literature fanatic, Joe. A hero in his own mind, Joe stops at nothing – and I mean nothing – to eliminate anything (anyone) that stands in the way of his love for Guinevere Beck. The series blends psychological horror with the trashy truths of a social media-obsessed society. Not only will this series have you gripped to the edge of your set, it’ll also make you question everyone you meet and everything you post online.

Sex Education

Genre: Drama / Comedy / Teen
Our Rating: 5/5

Otis is a socially awkward and sexually inexperienced (zero experience to be exact) teen who lives with his celebrated sex therapist mother. Awks… After picking up a thing or two, Otis inadvertently gets roped into giving out sex advice to his classmates at school as part of an underground sex clinic – despite never having sex himself. 
This comedic, coming-of-age series explores the struggles teens face as they learn more about themselves and their sexuality. It exposes the highs and lows of the much anticipated first time, whilst putting a spotlight on social issues which demand our attention, including the acceptance of LGBTQ+ relationships and sexual abuse of women. 

What series are you obsessed with right now? Let us know!

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