We’ve just released our new, appropriately named Bearbell (a bear lifting a barbell) collection and oh man does he look tough and intimidating, you really wouldn’t want to be lifting next to him in the gym. But is he really the strongest guy out there? Here’s The Bearhug’s run down of the Top 8 strongest animals.  

Grizzly Bear 

A Grizzly Bear can lift 500kg, which is about equivalent to a small caravan or an adult camel just in case you were wondering, which equates to about 80% of their body weight. The male grizzly is about as strong as 5 humans combined, excluding British strongman Eddie Hall of course.



An African elephant can weigh up to 6350kg and is able to carry up to 9,000kg, which weighs the same as a garbage truck and therefore, making them the world’s strongest mammals. Makes sense, they are after all the world’s largest land mammals. What’s crazy is that an elephant can lift up to 300kg with it’s trunk alone!


A tiger can lift up to twice its own body weight, meaning it can lift a whopping 550kg. Not only that, but they can drag it up a tree. Bet most people couldn’t even climb a tree (me included). Plus tigers just look tough and strong am I right?



Majestic and strong, America certainly thinks so. An eagle can carry something that weighs 4x as much as it does, which is about 24kg and equal to three Dachshunds. A truly horrible thought, I’m slightly regretting that example.


As strong as an Ox, cheesy but credible. An Ox can pull and carry twice it’s own body weight, which is around 900kg. Guess, they really earned that. 



We’re really putting Bearbell to shame here but the Gorilla’s are definitely the body builders of the animal world (guess that means the rest of the world too?) They can lift 2000kg, equal to 10x their own body weight, or the same weight as an Audi A8, not a car person? Just picture a large car, any colour. 



In my opinion, snakes look pretty terrifying but they definitely don’t look like one of the strongest animals in the world. Well, as it turns out, they are. They weigh around 250kg and are up to 10m long *shudders at the thought*, obviously, they can’t lift anything but what they can do is crush, kill and eat something that is the same size as them. 


Dung Beetle 

Size really doesn’t matter then? A dung beetle is the strongest animal on the planet relative to body weight. So while he wouldn’t win in a fight against a bear, unless that Bear is scared of bugs, a dung beetle can carry 200x their own body weight which is equivalent to a 150 pound person pushing 80 tonnes (about half as heavy as a house).


So there you have it, we are devastated to report that any old bear probably wouldn’t win worlds strongest animal given the amount of time Bearbell puts in at the gym, we reckon he’d give it a pretty good go. Let us know what animal you think Luke should draw next, weightlifting or otherwise, we’re open to suggestions! 

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