We’ve just released our new, appropriately named Bearbell (a bear lifting a barbell) collection and oh man does he look tough and intimidating, you really wouldn’t want to be lifting next to him in the gym. But is he really the strongest guy out there? Here’s The Bearhug’s run down of the Top 8 strongest animals.   Grizzly Bear  A Grizzly Bear can lift 500kg, which is about equivalent to a small caravan or an adult camel just in case you were wondering, which equates to about 80% of their... Read More


Send a Bearhug

It’s almost over…  So it’s nearly been a year since we’ve been in lockdown (unless you’re not living in the UK, in which case, lucky you), while it does finally feel like the end is in sight, praise be June 21st, we’ve still got the final stretch to go.  After seeing all the creative and thoughtful things people have done to let their family and pals know they are thinking of them, in these ‘challenging and unprecedented times’, we really wanted to get involved.  We released our SEND A BEARHUG... Read More


SPOTTED! Bearhuggers of the Month: August 2020

And just like that, we are in September. I think we can all agree that 2020 has flown over, even if it didn’t feel like that when we were all under house-lockdown. With another month coming to an end we thought it would be a great time to showcase our favourite pics from you guys, The Bearhuggers, over the last 31 days… Plus, information about how to become a Bearhug Ambassador!


Netflix’s MOST Binge-Worthy Series

When it comes to a binge-worthy series, Netflix really knows how to treat us. From sitcoms to drama to action; there’s something for everyone to obsess over. And let’s be honest, at some point we’ve all told the same lie to ourselves: ‘Just one more episode before I go to sleep’…  So to help you pick your next Netflix obsession, here’s a guide to our favourite binge-worthy series to keep you awake till the early hours of the morning.  The Umbrella Academy Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / ComedyOur Rating: 4/5... Read More


The Great Debate: Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza? (And Other Food Dilemmas)

Right, we’re settling this once and for all. Since time began, there’s been one great debate that has divided nations, destroyed friendships, sparked outrage across countries, and sickened and delighted tastebuds around the world. The whole planet is being torn apart, and it’s all thanks to one little pizza topping. Pineapple. This little yellow so-and-so is harmless on its own, but put it on a pizza and you’re bound to spark outrage. Some swear by it, whilst some are disgusted by even the thought of it. But this debate has... Read More


GLOW Review: Netflix’s Newest Original Series

California, 1985. Leg warmer sales were high, and Hulkamania was running wild. Out-of-work actor Ruth Wilder (portrayed by Community’s Alison Brie) was struggling to find roles and struggling to survive. She’s the ‘real’ girl nobody is interested in (a huge, welcome theme throughout the series), and try as she might, gets turned down repeatedly. That is until she answers a casting call looking for “unconventional women”, with no other information. Little does she know she is about to be engulfed within the wonderfully strange world of professional wrestling.    ... Read More


Tom Hanks’ Best Moments

  To celebrate the launch of our new Run Forrest Run t-shirt, we’re taking a look at the man behind the beard and chocolates. Arguably the greatest actor alive today, Tom Hanks has acquired an unbelievable list of on-screen performances over the years, and also just happens to be one hell of a wonderful person off-screen too. So let’s highlight just some of Hanks’ greatest times on and off our screens: here are Tom Hanks’ Best Moments.


Top 10 Louis Theroux Moments

      To celebrate the release of our brand new Louis Theroux t-shirt – available in black or white for only £23.95 + free U.K P+P – we’re looking back at the funniest moments involving the legend himself.


Top 10 90s TV Shows

The 90s – what a decade! Tamagotchis, flannels, Gameboys, Beanie Babies, pagers, Brit Pop, centre-partings, Ninja Turtles, Grunge, Hypercolour tees, people dressed like they were more denim than man, baggy clothes, Tupac and Biggie, sweaters tied round the waist, and most importantly, some damn good television. Obviously in such a fantastic 10 years of TV, there are far too many gems to mention in just one list, so we’re bound to miss off one of your treasured 90s show, but here are 10 of our favourites.