Top 10 Art Documentaries

Here at Bearhug, we love a bit of art (obviously). We also love a good documentary too – programmes like David Attenborough’s Planet Earth have been the inspiration for some of Luke’s artwork, including the Snow Leopard and Lobo Wolf. But you know what we really love? A good art documentary, and here’s a list of our favourites – Top 10 Art Documentaries.


Throwback Thursday – All ‘Dem Bears!

By Bearhug Team member Lewis Hanson – @Pepsilew22 It’s Throwback Thursday! So we here at Bearhug are looking at some of Luke’s best bear designs from the past that are no longer available on the site, and let’s face it, there’s plenty of ‘dem bears! (It’s kind of our thing). If you’d like to see any of these grizzly designs make a return (or any of our other past designs), either as a print, tee, hoodie, or anything else you can think of, please let us know on social media... Read More


Whats the word? Ahh yes, satisfaction!

Whats the word? Ahh yes, satisfaction! There is nothing more satisfying than getting a delivery of new designs! Seeing the artwork produced first had, watching Luke work on it, develop it and send it to our factories to turn into clothing, to then have the finished pieces delivered to the HQ door, ahhh! I’m sure you guys agree, the postman comes knocking and you cant wait to tear the box open to your order, well we’re exactly the same; ripping off that parcel tape and seeing the finished product in... Read More


What draws you in?

If you’re a long term Bearhugger (aka follower of The BEARHUG Co) you’ll be in the know, but for those who are newbies * hi there* the brains behind all of the awesome BEARHUG art work is Luke Dixon. With a huge following Luke’s illustrations are eye catching and instantly recognisable, giving the brand an iconic look and gaining you ever so loyal customers. Lukes designs have stemmed from the iconic bear artwork to angry lions, space tigers and pop culture; using a combination of techniques such as lino prints... Read More


A Round Up of our Art…January to April

Unless you’re our Number One fan, (which you should be anyway), you may not have noticed all the Artwork Luke creates every week. In fact since the beginning of January Luke has created 34 pieces of art. With Animals including a Cat, Cow, Eagle and of course a Bear to Famous Faces including Sherlock, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kylo Ren. We’re never short of ideas and have an extensive list of Famous Faces and further animals we want to draw and add online, which won’t be revealed as we want to make... Read More


Enamel Pins are coming to The BearHug

We have been toying with the idea for a while, our artwork is so intricate it’s been a challenge to have them create into Enamel Pins but we’re happy to let you know Enamel Pins are DEFINITELY coming to The BearHug, and in just over a week. You may have seen back in February Luke started designing a few more colourful pieces of art. These were different to his usual Sketchy style, less lines and more colours these were in a Graphic Style. It took planning to decide what animals... Read More


The Jungle Book – Out Friday April 15th!

The Jungle Book is out this Friday…..everyone is swooning over all the animals and visual effects. We just can’t wait to see our favourite actor, Bill Murray, transformed into a CGI Bear. Who else lends their voice in the film, I hear you say?…. Idris Elba voices the Fierce Shere Khan, Ben Kingsley voices Bagheera, Lupita Nyong’o voices Raksha, Giancarlo Esposito voices Akela, Scarlett Johansson voices Kaa and Christopher Walken voices the 12ft Orangutan King Louie. Another reason we’re suuuuper excited, well all the other animals that will be making... Read More