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Since the end of Season 5, which seems years ago, there were plenty of cliffhangers to let our imagination go into overdrive. The latest trailer for season 6 is leaving us very much in the dark. The trailer is as action-packed as you’d expect, but still only gives us glimpses into what is to come. The teaser references all the major scenes from the last episode, over a haunting cover from James Vincent McMorrow of Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Games”, all to add to the dramatic effect. HBO are teasing fans even... Read More


Hilariously Brutal Honest Movie Posters for the 2016 Oscar Nominees

2015 was an impressive year for film and with a little over a few days to go the anticipation is high for the Oscars. The competition is fierce and everyone is preparing for big night with actors getting speeches ready, us normal folk gathering a heap of food & preparing ourselves for the long night. However there is something over the past few years that has become an official Oscar’s highlight…Ali Gray, Matt Looker and Ed Williamson of The Shiznit for the past few years have created a collection of “honest” movie... Read More


Star Wars: Here’s your first glimpse of Star Wars Episode 8

We’ve barely finished the buzz about Star Wars: The Force Awakens & yet we’re all patiently waiting for any more news for the upcoming films. There are 668 days until you can once again sit inside a dark cinema, hear the drop of the orchestral music & watch that familiar yellow text scroll up the screen teasing a new story. Even though Disney delayed its release by about seven months, the next chapter of Star Wars will (allegedly) be out on December 15, 2017. Filming began today at Pinewood Studios in London, to celebrate, they’ve... Read More


Game of Thrones Season 6: Hall of Faces Tease

HBO sure know how to tease us with Game of Thrones stills from the set, trailers and cast interviews, keeping us all on the edge of our seats. A brand new Game of Thrones trailer has appeared online, setting an ominous tone for the forthcoming season 6. The short clip, labelled “Hall of Faces Tease,” features the faces of those who have died in previous seasons on display in the House of Black and White. Including Ned, Catelyn and Robb Stark, along with King Joffrey and Jon Snow. Because they’re trying... Read More


Spring Film Releases – February to April

2015 ended on a high in the film world. Legend, The Hateful Eight, The Martian and the most anticipated film of the year Star Wars the Force Awakens all contributed to a fantastic cinematic year. We’re all still on a buzz from Star Wars, so how can 2016 match up with last year’s fantastic films? Well trust us you’re spoilt for choice, the year has already got off to a brilliant start with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant. If you haven’t seen it, shame on you there was a big Bear brawl and... Read More