Top 10 Art Documentaries

Here at Bearhug, we love a bit of art (obviously). We also love a good documentary too – programmes like David Attenborough’s Planet Earth have been the inspiration for some of Luke’s artwork, including the Snow Leopard and Lobo Wolf. But you know what we really love? A good art documentary, and here’s a list of our favourites – Top 10 Art Documentaries.


Throwback Thursday – All ‘Dem Bears!

By Bearhug Team member Lewis Hanson – @Pepsilew22 It’s Throwback Thursday! So we here at Bearhug are looking at some of Luke’s best bear designs from the past that are no longer available on the site, and let’s face it, there’s plenty of ‘dem bears! (It’s kind of our thing). If you’d like to see any of these grizzly designs make a return (or any of our other past designs), either as a print, tee, hoodie, or anything else you can think of, please let us know on social media... Read More



  How do you wear your BEARHUG? We are bringing back ‘The Monthly Bearhugger’ but it’s had a revamp and this time we are looking to pick a ‘BEARHUGGER OF THE WEEK’. At the end of each month one of the four weekly Bearhuggers will win a Limited Edition BEARHUG Bear Box – that’s a 25% chance of winning, very good odds! Tag us in your tweets and Instagram pics using the hashtag #TheBearHugCo and at the end of the week we will pick our favourite. Remember, get creative, how... Read More



Want to see a bit more of our work behind the scenes?…. Of course you do, well over the coming months they’ll be series of posts going behind the scenes to see how the artwork is developed & how our prints are made! We’ve recently teamed up with Newcastle based Screen Printing company, We Are In Cahoots, to produce some prints by this method. They are a small productive team, intended to stay hands on with the screen printing process, they stick to the simple ethos that you can’t beat the... Read More



OK, So I get asked daily If I’m able to design a tattoo for someone. Offf course I can, there’s just a few factors to factor in first… Each project will be treated as an original artwork commission, so let your tattooist know I might get carried away. As I tend to work on a larger scale, these pieces can take some man hours…so I may need to invoice you for more than the initial £20 some peeps offer. I appreciate you still have to pay to get it inked... Read More


Famous Faces – Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant, LEO BEAR Pre Order

LEO LEO LEO…It has to be Oscar time? Right? The Revenant was understated, visually amazing & confirmed that he’s top dog. Luke knew he had to draw this when the certain scene happened…but if you haven’t seen this said scene – then it’s just Leonardo DiCaprio with a bear on his head…still worth it! We don’t want to give too much away as it’s a film you need to see to fully enjoy but here’s a brief intro to it to get you excited. It follows the legend of American frontiersman and... Read More


BearHugger of The Month – Adrian

We’ve loved seeing you all in our new Collection & how much you’re all enjoying the new designs! The Indian Wolf which proved extremely popular as a print has finally made it’s way onto clothing, you can find it on two T-shirts, a Sweatshirt & a Hoodie, all of which have gone down a storm. With more artwork being created every week it’s important to look out on our social media to see what Famous Face or Animal will be introduced to the website next. We’re now introducing you to... Read More


Competition Winners – ‘Indian Wolf’ A2 Print

We are not shy about recognising loyal customers of the brand! Luke’s latest artwork the ‘Indian Wolf’ has been a big hit and you can see why, it is incredible. Which is why we wanted to give a few of you the chance to win an A2 Print of it to hang proudly on your wall. We held the competition last week over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to a brilliant response. A lot of you entered and here are those lucky three winners: Facebook CALUM CAMERON Instagram SOPHIE HEWARD Twitter LAUREN HOCKNEY There will... Read More


The BearHug (Co) Ltd: New Collection

The BearHug (Co) has been running for four years now and the brand has grown from strength to strength. We are more than grateful for all the support received over the years; because of this we have undergone a relaunch and upgraded all of the products. If you follow us on our social media sites you will have seen that the team have all been very excited to show you the new garments. They have been cut to our own specification – with an even stronger premium finish, there have also... Read More