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We’ve just released our new, appropriately named Bearbell (a bear lifting a barbell) collection and oh man does he look tough and intimidating, you really wouldn’t want to be lifting next to him in the gym. But is he really the strongest guy out there? Here’s The Bearhug’s run down of the Top 8 strongest animals.   Grizzly Bear  A Grizzly Bear can lift 500kg, which is about equivalent to a small caravan or an adult camel just in case you were wondering, which equates to about 80% of their... Read More


Top 10 Art Documentaries

Here at Bearhug, we love a bit of art (obviously). We also love a good documentary too – programmes like David Attenborough’s Planet Earth have been the inspiration for some of Luke’s artwork, including the Snow Leopard and Lobo Wolf. But you know what we really love? A good art documentary, and here’s a list of our favourites – Top 10 Art Documentaries.


Top 10 T-Shirts from TV Shows

Picked & Written by that man ‘Pepsi Lew’ aka Lewis Hanson @PepsiLew22 (Bearhug Team Member) As you can probably tell, we here at Bearhug love us a good t-shirt, and we love us a good tv series to binge on too. But you know what you really love? A good quality tee inside a good quality show. But what are the best t-shirts ever featured in the world of television? Well, we’re here to answer that for you. Here (in no particular order) are the Top 10 T-Shirts from TV Shows.



Finally, BLACK FRIDAY is here! It’s that time of year again, your chance to snap up some absolute bargains in time for Christmas! We’re offering our best deals ever… Use the codes above at the checkout for up to 35% off. We’ve restocked over 20 of our most popular designs, don’t miss out on your favourite BEARHUG beauty. Offers extend from today until Tuesday, meaning you have a full day after Cyber Monday to get your order in! See below a selection of our newly restocked designs:  


Product of the Day

Beanies, beanies and more beanies! Over the weekend we restocked some of our beanies and they have been flying out! Rest assured, we have still plenty more for you to get your hands on. The winter weather is really setting in now so the BEARHUG Beanie is the perfect accessory to keep you warm tis’ season! Or could make the perfect Christmas gift! Available are Oatmeal, Antique Grey, French Navy, Black, Antique Mustard, Royal Blue and Red. At only £12.95 get ‘em quick as they’ll soon be gone!



Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! This week you’re in for a real treat as the BLT back print white tee has been selected as BEARHUG ‘Tee of the Week’. Offer is for a limited time only so get your order in quick! At £17.50 (that’s almost a 25% saving) it is sure to fly off the shelves. The BLT is an original limited edition BEARHUG Co. design and has a classic BEARHUG tee fit made from 100% cotton (as if you needed another reason to ‘add to bag’).... Read More