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Send a Bearhug

It’s almost over…  So it’s nearly been a year since we’ve been in lockdown (unless you’re not living in the UK, in which case, lucky you), while it does finally feel like the end is in sight, praise be June 21st, we’ve still got the final stretch to go.  After seeing all the creative and thoughtful things people have done to let their family and pals know they are thinking of them, in these ‘challenging and unprecedented times’, we really wanted to get involved.  We released our SEND A BEARHUG... Read More


Love is in the….Bear – Valentines Gift Guide

It’s back! That one day a year where the word love will be plastered all over Social Media, where love hearts, chocolates, flowers will be dominating your eye sight. It can bring mixed emotions. For Couples, you know, the ones who like to share intimate moments every other day of the year, the stakes are high. For those celebrating their independence the party-of-one-way, the day will just come and go but it’s still a great opportunity to show yourself some love. In either case the love part is easy! But the... Read More