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Famous Faces – Leonardo DiCaprio The Revenant, LEO BEAR Pre Order

LEO LEO LEO…It has to be Oscar time? Right? The Revenant was understated, visually amazing & confirmed that he’s top dog. Luke knew he had to draw this when the certain scene happened…but if you haven’t seen this said scene – then it’s just Leonardo DiCaprio with a bear on his head…still worth it! We don’t want to give too much away as it’s a film you need to see to fully enjoy but here’s a brief intro to it to get you excited. It follows the legend of American frontiersman and... Read More


The BearHug (Co) Ltd: New Collection

The BearHug (Co) has been running for four years now and the brand has grown from strength to strength. We are more than grateful for all the support received over the years; because of this we have undergone a relaunch and upgraded all of the products. If you follow us on our social media sites you will have seen that the team have all been very excited to show you the new garments. They have been cut to our own specification – with an even stronger premium finish, there have also... Read More