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Tom Hanks’ Best Moments

  To celebrate the launch of our new Run Forrest Run t-shirt, we’re taking a look at the man behind the beard and chocolates. Arguably the greatest actor alive today, Tom Hanks has acquired an unbelievable list of on-screen performances over the years, and also just happens to be one hell of a wonderful person off-screen too. So let’s highlight just some of Hanks’ greatest times on and off our screens: here are Tom Hanks’ Best Moments.


Top 10 Mothers in TV and Film

Compiled & Written by the man himself ‘Pepsi Lew 22’ aka Lewis Hanson (Bearhug Brand Assistant) @pepsiLew22 Happy Mother’s Day! We here at Bearhug HQ are celebrating by looking at some of our favourite on-screen matriarchs. Here (in no particular order) is our list of the Top 10 Mothers from TV and Film.


Top 10 90s Movies

Brought to you once again By Lewis Hanson aka Pepsi Lew – @PepsiLew22 The 90s – what a decade! Tamagotchis, flannels, Gameboys, Beanie Babies, pagers, Brit Pop, centre-partings, Ninja Turtles, Fresh Prince, The Simpsons, Grunge, Hypercolour tees, people dressed like they were more denim than man, baggy clothes, Tupac and Biggie, sweaters tied round the waist, and most importantly, some damn good cinema. Obviously in such a fantastic 10 years of film, there are far too many gems to mention in just one list, so we’re bound to miss off one of... Read More